Fillers help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plump, add volume to cheeks, temples, nasolabial lines, & define jaw and contour.

As we naturally age, we start to loose collagen and elasticity in the skin, therefore, fillers are a great solution to help maintain a youthful appearance.


​How much do fillers cost?

Every individual is different when it comes to cost. Depending on the area or areas to be treated will determine the cost of treatment. We highly recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation to discuss the products and treatments best for you.

Is their down time?

Just like everything that involves a needle, we do advise to plan ahead 2 weeks before any event or special occasion.

When will I see results?

Fillers are immediately visible after injected, Please allow 2-3 weeks for final result. Bruising and swelling to be expected.

Jaw Line


Starting from $600+

Contour, Contour!

The latest most popular treatment, defining the cheeks and jawline. Filler is placed on the bone to provide lift and more contour in the cheek and jaw line area. 


Starting from $350 (1/2 syringe mini lip fill) +

Are you looking to dyfine, hydrate and plump your lips? We treat every lip differently depending on the client. We can create fuller lips, more symmetrical lips, hide scarring or work on the fine lines around the lips.

Temple Fill

Starting from $600+

As we age we loose collagen and skin elasticity and everything falls, filling the temple area fills the hollow look in the temple while also lifting around the eye. 

Nasolabial Folds

Starting from $600+

Also called smile lines, these lines become more noticeable as we age, filler is placed in this area to plump and fill to prevent them from becoming deeper. 


Starting from $700+

Filler is used to lift and contour the cheeks. This also diminishes the appearance of the nasolabial folds (laugh lines).


Starting from $600+

Looking for a perfect side profile? Filler can be injected in the chin to bring the chin more forward or will in any area with dimple.


Starting from $700+

Hand fillers are a form of treatment that can be used to effectively reverse the signs of aging. Filler is injected into the back of the hands to replace the tissue that is lost due to aging. The most common type of hand fillers are dermal fillers, which contain a gel comprised of substances that are naturally found in the body.


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